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About My Teaching

Finding Your Voice

People study voice for many reasons. Some aspire to a performance career, others seek to refine their skills as singers in choirs and other musical activities, and for some, singing is therapy. 

Singing is fun and exhilarating! I believe it is about releasing breath, energy, and emotion.   My challenge is to connect the voice with the singer's soul, enabling them to find satisfaction and joy in their singing. 

Breath Centered
To sing is to breathe. My teaching is based on the relationship of the breath to the physiology and acoustics of the voice. When the voice is “on the breath," one experiences the true essence of one's voice and can begin to maximize one's vocal potential. Through the management of breath, a singer can develop an extended range, optimal resonance, and flexibility. Being "on the breath" is the first step in establishing vocal freedom. As a voice teacher, my job is to facilitate that journey.

Every voice is unique. Every singer is an individual. What works for one student does not always work for another.  By bringing a variety of approaches to my teaching,  I am able to work with each student to develop a technique that serves their  individual artistry.  My focus is on what makes their voice unique and how their voice can enhance their self-expression.

Learning to sing is a partnership.  Growth happens when there is mutual trust, honesty, and respect between a student and teacher. A singer needs to feel safe in order to reveal their inner artist. I work to maintain a supportive atmosphere of honesty, optimism, and fun. My studio is a safe place for the student to experiment, to stretch their imagination, and to grow into their own unique vocal artist with a useful and secure technique.


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My Teaching: About the Studio
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